Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Nichols Invade Europe

Mom and Dad's trip to Europe was a total success! I loved having my parents here and I loved showing them my 'hood. Mr. Sun also gave us the huge gift of being present the whole time they were here!!! We soaked in the baths without getting lost in the changing lockers, they met my partner in crime and all was perfect, and they were even treated to some Mozart at the Opera! Then, it was off to Austria! We hit up Salzburg first and for all who have been wondering, it's been confirmed...the hills ARE in fact alive with the sound of music. Check it out.... And of course a trip to Salzburg would not be complete without enjoying one of EVERYONE'S favorite things...crisp apple strudel....all we were missing were some doorbells and sleigh bells and some schnitzel with noodles. It was also confirmed that Eidelweiss is the #1 easiest song to get in your head for weeks upon weeks after hearing it. time you're in Salzburg and you turn on your TV in your hotel don't need to question...YES, The Sound of Music and Amadeus DO in fact have their own channels, and they DO play continuously.

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