Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day at Városligeti Primary School

I made my way to school today just like it was any other day (well, I'm having a great hair day today if that counts as something different), but I noticed something was off the second I walked through the door of the school. There were kids wearing shoes that didn't match, shirts that were inside-out or turned around, and there was a general feeling of silliness. I thought it might just be Spring Fever, or quite possibly some memo about a dress-up day that I didn't get (I don't get notified about much around these parts). I went to my first class with my 1st graders, and being that they aren't too incredibly creative, Vince came up to me and said, "Hanna, may I go to the toilet?" Of course I replied with a yes, and expected him to run out the door with his hand on his crotch, as usual. This time though, he spouted something off to me in Hungarian that I didn't understand, and then it hit me. He just played an April Fool's joke on me. It's April 1st. Silly Vince...he's a crazy little boy...IMAGINE...asking to go to the bathroom and not really needing to go! Haha. Of course, every other kid in the class proceeded to do the same by the 28th "May I go to the toilet?", I was a little pooped. That wasn't it though. I was informed by other teachers after 1st lesson that April Fool's here in Hungary is sort of a big deal. So I should watch out, even though my kids aren't that creative. No, mine aren't at this point in their lives...but the older kids are. So was I extremely surprised to walk into my 2nd grade classroom before the next lesson to see a bunch of 6th graders with their faces painted (two boys had wigs and skirts on) sitting in the little chairs? No. At first I thought (and asked aloud)....uhhhhh do I have to teach these ones today? Then the 2nd grade teacher walked in and looked just as surprised as I was. This was her former class, playing a joke. Luckily, this joke earned me a free period in which to plan lessons for after Easter Break. Otherwise, the day was pretty much normal, aside from another one of my 2nd grade classes sitting down facing the back wall instead of me. I acted surprised when they said it was only a joke. ;-) Side note: We are learning Easter vocabulary at school this week, and I am teaching my students the names of a couple different Easter flowers. Hearing my little ones spout out the word "daff-o-dil" is quite possibly the cutest thing I have seen in my life. It would be worth it for all of you to come teach in Hungary for a whole year, just to hear this one word. It's THAT cute.

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