Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today Was A Good Day

Here's why:
  • I somehow put just the right amounts of milk and sweetener into my tea this morning. It tasted like perfection in a cup.
  • Arrived to school...had my Little Monsters 1st period. The biggest Little Monster, Marci, was not there today. Class was only moderately loud.
  • Akos, my little English phrasebook on legs, walked into class with sunglasses and a shirt that said "Future Rock Star". He greeted me with, "Hi, dude!"
  • Lunch today...csirke paprikas (chicken paprika) absolute favorite. We even had animal-shaped noodles, which my favorite colleague and I proceeded to play with while we ate. Double bonus!
  • All week it had been up in the air which lessons were actually happening this Friday, due to an activity planned for the kids...this morning I was informed I don't have to teach at all tomorrow. My weekend!
  • BECAUSE I don't have to teach tomorrow, I get to grab an earlier train to Kaposvar to hang with my partner in crime for the weekend. Believe me, a couple extra hours are worth more than you'd think!
  • I walked out of the school and I was standing on the street corner, waiting to cross...of course, the bus started coming around the corner. The light wasn't changing. At first I was like...Whatever. Life is good already. I'll wait. Suddenly, the light changed. I decided to see if I could sprint fast enough to make it...just for funsies. Made it! I rock.
  • Get to come home to flowers adorning my whole apartment, due to my lovely first grade boys, who gave them to me for Women's Day. Every time I look at them I imagine the sheepish smiles I got as they each handed them to me saying awkwardly "Happy...Women...Day". I had to take pictures, since they are so beautiful. And that, my friends, is, as my kids would say, Hanna's wery good day. Also, it's only 2:00pm :-)

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