Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yet another cute kid story that will melt your heart....

Yup, I have plenty of these ones saved up in my head for rainy days when I need a pick-me-up. Here's just one kid story that happened today: Through the end of this week, I will be making Valentines with my little ones, and it all started today. My personal favorite way to make Valentines is to make "heart people". It is just like it sounds. You cut out a big heart. You make a face on it with heart eyes and a heart nose. You make arms with heart hands...legs with heart get the idea. Anyways, I made a whole lesson out of it with the kiddos and I was helping them write out notes on the back of their heart people. Most of the kids were making them for their mothers. I was having them write a simple message..."Happy Valentine's Day, Mom! I love you." One of my little ones, Aron...who has a new baby sister (named Hanna actually...he loves to tell me that and he even sent me pictures in the form of an email once). He decided to make his for her, and he wanted to write his own special note on the back. He approached me during class (keep in mind, I didn't know who he was making it for at the time), and here's what he said...
  • Aron: "How to spell 'I love you'?"
  • Hanna: writes it on the board
  • Aron, a few minutes later: "Ok, now how to spell 'mine beautiful Valentine'?"
  • Hanna, before even noticing the grammar mistake: "That's nice! Who is it for?"
  • Aron: "Mine beautiful Valentine sister, Hanna."
  • Hanna: melts, then proceeds to give him a hug for being so dang cute
  • Aron: awkwardly hugs me, gives me a weird look, then returns to his work
  • Hanna: Recovers, then quickly makes sure he writes "my" and not "mine" :-)

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JonClark said...

That's a crazy beautiful story Hanna.