Thursday, February 12, 2009


I seriously have so many fun kid stories lately...I could write a book I bet. So, Akos...he's one of my 2nd graders, and he is just a character. He's always excited and happy, he's kind to everyone, and he just has a good sense of humor. Lately, he makes me laugh on a daily basis because of what I like to call "Akos-isms". Every week, Akos seems to come to my class with a new, totally random English saying that he did not know the week before. Then he proceeds to say them at random times...and they never relate to what we are learning, of course. They are always short and sweet....but they have kick. Most of these sayings are probably sayings he won't say often (or ever again in some cases), but they never cease to make me laugh my butt off. I am starting to think that maybe he has signed up for some "Weekly English Phrases" email email list that likes to play crude jokes on English learners. Here are a few "Akos-isms" for you:
  • "Come to my igloo!"
  • "Let's have a party at my place."
  • "Good game!"
  • "Welcome to the town center!"
  • "See you later, dude!"
What makes it even better is that he has a little sister who is one of my 1st graders...every once in awhile she'll throw them in there too and tell me Akos told her to say it. Look out for the newest Akos-ism, which will hopefully be coming out next week.

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sara said...

maybe they could teach you random hungarian sayings so that you can be as cool as Akos! :)