Monday, September 15, 2008

Budapest is for lovers...

Yes, this is another thing to add to my extensive list of things I have very intently observed while here in Hungary. Budapest is in fact, for lovers. Everywhere I go, I see couples. Not only do I see couples, I see couples that have no issue whatsoever with PDA. I am pretty sure I watched a guy almost eat a girls face off while they were going down the escalator to the metro the other day. I have seen lovers loving on the bus, walking down the street, in the metros, at the metro stations, in restaurants, at the grocery store...the list goes on. And this display of love does not seem to me to be confined to any certain hours of the day either. As I got on the bus yesterday morning at 7 am to head to school, I was brought out of my half-sleeping state abruptly when I saw two teenagers rounding second base in the seat in front of me. Ok, yes, there is an element of "Ewww!" to this whole thing, especially considering I do not fall under the category of having a "lover" (sorry Hils, no luck yet) here, BUT some of my observations have been rather heartwarming. I got on the bus to go home the other night and watched a girl holding flowers (there shall be another blog on the subject of flowers at some point in the future) excitedly sit down in front of me as her male counterpart sat next to her and proceeded to kiss her cheek. As she turned away in attempts to hide the huge grin that then appeared on her face, I couldn't help but grin myself at how incredibly cute the whole situation was. It's quite understandable, when you consider how beautiful and romantic this city is (if you take away the random stenches of sewer smell, men playing the harmonica with their noses, and all the graffiti) that it is a place that belongs to lovers.


Wanderlust said...

I can top that! I walked in on two of my students making out. Rather, they were blocking the door to the room by making out up against it, and when I opened the door I knocked them into the wall. They both wiped their mouths off with their sleeves... dead give away. Ummmm... yuck!!!

lovely_amazing said...

Oh the lovers! That's one Hungarian attraction that will always remain, it seems. Remember the crazy hair girl and her lover waiting for the tram that day? I'm shocked she still had a face by the time he was done!

Although The Mister is proving to be quite the lover himself - roses delivered to work, picnics, strolling down Pearl Street in the rain... le sigh.

Maybe I should just come back to Buda?