Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hanna is in Hungary

Well, I have and sound and in one piece. All of my luggage came, and even though I am so tired right now, I am in high spirits. It is really hot and humid, therefore my roommate and I bonded over sleeping in next to nothing last night to stay cool. The other teachers are SO awesome. Some of the returning teachers are here to help with orientation, and they already took us out last night. I was so exhausted, but I figured I should be I went and had a great time at what I was told was a Jazz Festival. I was mostly hoping to get food, since I hadnt eaten in about 16 hours, but it turned out to basically be an outdoor dance club with a lot of beer. I guess I had to settle with a cold beer as my intake of carbs for yesterday. Oh, well! Orientation starts tonight with a fancy dinner, paid for by the program (sweet!), and then the rest starts tomorrow! For now, we are off to buy converters and adapters...peace!

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Anonymous said...

Safe and sound! Yea! We love you and miss you already. much love,
Dad & Mom