Monday, May 10, 2010

Hungarian at Home

So I was informed by a friend recently that there is a commercial being shown in the United States that is in Hungarian. Sure enough, my favorite sandwich shop has aired a commercial in Magyarul. There are only a few problems with it: a) no Hungarian refrigerator would be without sour cream in it somewhere, no matter how empty it was, b) no Hungarian would ever have an empty refrigerator, c) Hungarians will deliver food that fast when pigs fly, and d) the lack of Euro haircuts in that commercial mean it was clearly not shot in Europe. So, Jimmy John's...I will give you props because you make a good sandwich and you DID make a commercial in the language I love (and hate) most next to English...but get it right next time, ok?
In other news, I'm now to the countdown of having less than three weeks left in this country I love so much. The good part about this is that I get to have a three week jaunt around in my other home away from home before I head back to the States. My school has invited me on a (all expenses paid!) trip to England with some of the students. The only catch may be that we are taking a England. A bus...with 25 high school students...across Europe. Nem tudom.

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