Monday, January 18, 2010


Anyone who is not Hungarian or lives in Hungary who pronounces that correctly on the first try gets a huge cookie. Seeing as how my own family still can't get it right, let's just make it easy and say it's pronounced like "jury"...but without the y. Even then, a Hungarian would probably look at you like huh? So yes, here I am in Győr, living and teaching in an old factory building. Yup, no lie. If you were to walk up to my place with me and watch me cheerily open the door, you'd want to take me home from this prison haste. When you walk into the door however, it's a different story. My apartment is arguably the nicest apartment of anyone in my program. I have seating (real seating...not table chairs or stools) for up to 6 people. I have more storage than anyone should have in their life. A bathroom that looks like it has never been used. Yes, be jealous. Oddly enough, I don't have a washing machine or microwave in all of this amazingness...whatever. But otherwise, I'm living like a queen here. I'm also a convenient 40 minute train ride from my wonderful fiancee...which might be the biggest treat of all. Did I mention I have a beyond wonderful fiancee? Oh yea, I guess I did...I am still just thoroughly enjoying referring to him as such :-) More on adventures from Győr soon(not, I repeat NOT pronounced like "gee-yor", "jor"...just give up's a lost cause. :-)


Val said...

Congratulations on getting engaged! Plus, my boyfriend and I applied for Budapest first, then Gyor to teach in August. Do you like Gyor so far?

Johanna Crock said...

pictures of your place please!