Friday, September 18, 2009

My first attempt at homemade Csirke Paprikás

One of the most traditional and famous Hungarian dishes...and I was able to make it (and do a good job!) right in my home in the States. Mom and I hung out in the kitchen today and made Chicken Paprika and dumplings (from scratch!). I got the recipe from an amazing cookbook I picked up while in Hungary. It's called Culinaria Hungary by Aniko Gergely. It's been translated into English (with American conversion measurements), and it includes a history of almost all the foods included in the book. It's like a textbook and a cookbook all in one! The recipe turned out GREAT, and I've included a couple pictures for you to marvel at.
Here is my mom, whipping up dumplings like a champ!
Here is the finished product...not bad, eh?!


JonClark said...

Wow, good job ladies! I'm hungry for some paprikás for sure!

Brieggy said...

Looks awesome!