Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ladies of The Night...or Mid-Afternoon...

Being that I am from a little suburb of Denver...heck, being that I'm from the U.S., "Ladies of the Night" are not something I've encountered in any way, shape, or form in my lifetime. The closest I've come to it is watching "Pretty Woman" and feeling uncomfortably antsy at the "sexy" parts. Anyways, with that said and my larger, more intellectual views on the subject set totally experience from yesterday is newsworthy. Let me preface the story by explaining that this occupation is technically legal in Hungary...with some limitations on where the exchanges can take place (i.e. not near schools, restaurants, etc.). So, Alvin and I were in a little town outside of Miskolc, Hungary exploring and gearing up to watch a bike race today. Our Hungarian friend Greg was driving us around and showing us things. Here is how this experience went down, as I remember it...
  • Greg: "Over there is a nice lake, and oh! We have &#%#$*'s here!"
  • A & H: "WHAT?"
  • Greg: "&#%#$*' know, #@**&(!"
  • Alvin: "Wait, beaches or peaches?"
  • Hanna: "Horses? Waaiiit, not mean c^%va (Hungarian word for the explitave that rhymes with horse...think about it...)
  • Greg: "Yes! They stand on the side of the road and wait for cars to stop!
At that moment, sure 3:30 in the afternoon, we drove by a woman standing suggestively on the side of the road, another walking towards a car that had pulled over. They were not dressed as my Grandma Helen would approve of. Me, being the sheltered American jumped with delight and this sight and almost felt the need to take a picture. Greg then honked and made another comment I will leave out of the blogging world and up to your imaginations to fill in. Oy vey.

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