Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Dream Bedroom

This week, I decided to put my 2nd graders' creativity to the test. I'm having them draw their own "Alom Szoba", or Dream Bedroom. I've been blown away by the results. It astounds me how amazing kids can be at such young ages. Here are a few things that I've seen included in their Dream Bedrooms:
  1. A popcorn machine
  2. Swimming pool
  3. Trampoline
  4. A fingerprint sensor on the door instead of a key
  5. Security cameras
  6. A "Sumo floor"...the skinniest kid in the class drew this one.
  7. A hockey rink
  8. A pizza bed..."So I can eat when I sleep!", says Laura.
  9. Stacks of money
  10. Lego tower
  11. A chair which brushes your teeth, feeds you, and gets you ready in the morning while you sit and watch a movie.
  12. Weights..."To get fit!", yelled Bogi (a tiny little girl)
  13. This is what I could gather: Remi wanted actors in his room who would act out different scenes in Harry Potter whenever he wanted.
  14. Giant teddy bear
  15. A beach
Nice, eh?


JonClark said...

Oh, the flourishing imaginations of the young never cease to amaze me. Neither do your posts, Hanna!

Jenny said...

Wow. Amazing. I can't even choose which one is my favorite. The actors? Stacks of money? I dunno!!!