Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rest and Relaxation in Croatia (Fall Break, Part 2)

The second part of my Fall Break was spent in the beautiful country of Croatia. It's still amazing to me to think that this country didn't even exist as an independent nation until a decade ago. I went on the trip with three amazing girls from my program who I got to know well on this trip and look forward to getting to know more as we continue here in Hungary. My absolute favorite part of the trip for me was in our visit to Zadar. This is a small town on the coast of Croatia, and it was absolutely gorgeous, and we were blessed with wonderful weather as well. Since the tourist season is over in Croatia, the town was pretty deserted, and it took us all of about an hour to see most of the sights. That meant we got to relax and cafe-hop A LOT! I LOVED just sitting and drinking coffee while enjoying the sounds of the waves and breathing in the sea-air, along with people-watching (quick sidenote: Europe is a wonderful place for sipping coffee and watching some interesting people. It's pretty much my favorite thing to do now). My absolute FAVORITE part of Zadar however, was the Sea Organ: The Sea Organ is pretty much exactly as it sounds...built into the dock are a bunch of holes and slits that are engineered as such so that beautiful sounds emerge when the waves hit the dock. I can't even describe the sound to you, but I can tell you it was beautiful and it will be worth ANOTHER trip for me someday. I just wanted to spend all day sitting by the dock and listening to the beautiful music. Who would have thought you could experience a little of la dolce vita in Eastern Europe?

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sara said...

the sea organ sounds amazing! what a great combo of music and engineering :)

yay obama!